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Rent a plane with a crew

The private jet rental service has long ceased to be an exclusive offer available to units. Thanks to the expansion of the geography of flights, the involvement of a large number of comfortable airliners in the industry, the new luxury have become more accessible to a wide category of passengers. Today, customers can easily go anywhere in the world without looking at the schedule of commercial flights. Even the absence of major airports is not an obstacle for business aviation. Our clients get to hard-to-reach regions (ski resorts, remote islands, sea platforms) by helicopters or small business jets.


private jet rental


Advantages of private flights

The opportunity to travel first class is offered by only a few airlines in the world, but even this is not the main problem. The service is provided by the same airliner, which is flown by another 300 people. A passenger who pays more than one thousand dollars for a flight gets nothing but an improved meal and a high-comfort seat by and large.

A private flight is quite another matter. In this case, the customer does not just pay for the seat but has the opportunity to rent an entire aircraft for their personal use. You should agree that this is an entirely different level.

  1. The customer chooses the liner themselves.
  2. The route is plotted in the most convenient way for the client.
  3. If necessary, operational connections with other air, water, and land transport are provided.
  4. Door-to-door travel is possible.
  5. Simplified customs procedures.
  6. Carrying the required amount of baggage.
  7. Increased security.
  8. Complete confidentiality.
  9. Use of VIP terminals.
  10. Flexible schedule (time and date are selected based on the client's wishes).




Technical characteristics of the boards

Today, private aircraft fly faster than commercial airliners. Of course, we are talking about advanced models.

Cessna Citation X+ - the fastest in the world. The liner is close to the speed of sound (0.935 Mach). The flight distance of the modern miracle of technology is 6250 km with a load capacity of 16.6 tons. The cabin is designed for 8-11 passengers.

The top five also includes:

  • Gulfstream G600/G500 (speed – 0.925 Mach, distance – 9200 km, capacity – 45.2 tons, number of passengers – 18).
  • Cessna Citation X (speed – 0.920 Mach, distance – 5680 km, capacity – 16.4 tons, number of passengers – 13).
  • Dassault Falcon 7X (speed – 0.900 Mach, distance – 11,000 km, capacity – 31.7 tonnes, number of passengers – 12).
  • Gulfstream G650ER (speed – 0.900 Mach, distance – 12,000 km, capacity – 4.7 tonnes, number of passengers – 10).


business aviation aircraft catalog


Depending on the capabilities of the board, private aircraft have their own classification:

  • Ultralight: designed for a maximum of 8 passengers. The characteristics are sharpened to serve regional flights (up to 3200 km). Salons, as a rule, are not adapted for walking (low ceilings). The bathroom is located in a small compartment. Light business jets are used for fast communication over short distances and are suitable for urgent business messages.
  • Medium-sized models: can accommodate 7-8 passengers. The airliner is designed for non-stop flights up to 4800 km – this is about 5 hours. The salon has a high ceiling and a full-size bathroom.
  • Heavy jets: the maximum capacity is up to 18 passengers, and this is the perfect liner for transcontinental flights. In this type of aircraft, passengers will find luxurious salons, individual service with flight attendants, and other advantages of premium service.
  • Long-haul aircraft: the flagships of private transport demonstrate not only the luxury of the interiors but also the latest technical achievements that the manufacturer is capable of. The industry leaders are designed for 16 passengers and are ready to connect almost any city on Earth with one non-stop flight.
  • Business liners: designed for VIP passengers to travel on transcontinental routes. Several separate zones are provided in the configuration of the cabin for 19-48 people. This is usually a business meeting room, a recreation room, a bedroom with a shower, and a kitchen with everything you need to prepare hot meals.


Business aviation charters offer new opportunities for take-offs and landings:

There are airliners designed to operate on short lanes (for example, the Citation Sovereign+ of the Cessna family). The medium-range representative of Bombardier, the Challenger 350 jet, is designed with the technical possibility of a shortened take-off. The French Falcon 2000 LXS, designed for a non-stop flight of up to 7,400 km, will safely take off from a runway that its class neighbors do not even consider. There are many such examples — every modern business jet has something special to its credit.


private jet rental with crew


Rental of airliners and turnkey solutions

When you contact Business Aviation to order a business jet, you will receive a ready-made flight, in which each stage of the journey is verified. Regardless of the complexity of the route, customers are absolutely sure that they will be delivered to their destination on time with the maximum possible comfort.

We guarantee not only a thorough execution of all the points of the contract but also flexibility in relation to your plans. If due to any circumstances on your part, the flight should be postponed, or a flight in another direction is required, we will change the time and quickly re-arrange the route.

Any regional and international destinations are open to Business Aviation customers.


rent Private jet


How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

The freight of an aircraft is an expensive pleasure, the price of which is distributed among the following links:

  1. The cost of fuel is ~ 30% of the total cost.
  2. About 20% is paid for parking at the airport. If this option is not provided, the business jet must fly to another air harbor while waiting for passengers, and then return for customers.
  3. The air navigation service of the liner in transit will be another 2% of the total amount.
  4. It takes 15% or more to pay for the crew's services (the amount depends on the qualification).
  5. The remaining 33% is divided into maintenance, pre-departure service (for example, de-icing treatment), meals, other services, and the air broker's fee.

It is most expensive to rent a liner for a long-distance flight, but a medium-haul flight with a long parking period may be comparable in price. In general, the more powerful the aircraft and the higher the cabin capacity is, the higher its cost will be.


the cost of a flight by air business aviation


Prices for regional flights in Russia:

  • Moscow - St. Petersburg ~ 11,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Sochi ~ 14,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Crimea ~ 21 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Yekaterinburg ~ 19,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Kaliningrad ~ 21 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Krasnodar ~ 18,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Kazan ~ 15,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Tyumen ~ 25,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Vladivostok ~ 86 000 EUR.


The examples reflect only a small part of the possible directions. It is worth considering that 98% of all business aviation aircraft are based at the airports of Moscow (Vnukovo 3, Sheremetyevo A, Domodedovo, Zhukovsky, Ostafyevo) and St. Petersburg (Pulkovo 3). However, if you want to fly from another city, we can arrange a business jet flight to the airport you need.


online booking of a flight by a private jet


Prices for international flights:

  • Moscow - Bali ~ 113 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Ibiza ~ 26 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Barbados ~ 111,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Fiji ~ 112,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Belize ~ 110,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Miami ~ 103,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Las Vegas ~ 115 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Anguilla ~ 97,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Monaco ~ 35,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Munich ~ 28 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Nice ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Milan ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Minsk ~ 22 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Prague ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Riga ~ 24 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Delhi ~ 55,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Doha ~ 45 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Dubai ~ 45 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Dublin ~ 35 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - New York ~ 125,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Olbia ~ 35 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Paris ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Pattaya ~ 105 000 EUR
  • Moscow - Amsterdam ~ 28 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Athens ~ 28 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Bangkok ~ 115,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Barcelona ~ 40,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Berlin ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Budapest ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Hong Kong ~ 105,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - GOA ~ 37 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Grenoble ~ 30 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Rome ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Singapore ~ 135,000 EUR
  • Moscow - Istanbul ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Tel Aviv ~ 35 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Tokyo ~ 115,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Toronto ~ 125,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Chambery ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Geneva ~ 30,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Ibiza ~ 40,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Johannesburg ~ 155,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Colombo ~ 105,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Kuala Lumpur ~ 125,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Larnaca ~ 30 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - London ~ 35,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Los Angeles ~ 155,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Miami ~ 155,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Macau ~ 115,000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Seychelles ~ 80 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Maldives ~ 71 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Virgin Islands ~ 93 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Bahamas ~ 112 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Hawaiian Islands ~ 130 000 EUR;
  • Moscow - Malta ~ 18 000 EUR.


This is also only a small part of the possible routes to get acquainted with the order of prices. You can get a more accurate calculation completely free of charge by contacting our aviation consultants. We can offer particularly favorable conditions for flights in Europe and the CIS countries. It is possible due to the large volume of flights in these regions and favorable partnership conditions with the aircraft owners.




Prices depending on the type of business jet

We can clearly show the high dependence of the cost of the flight, on the type of aircraft - we have collected approximate data, at the price of 1 flight hour, for various types of business jets:

  • Large aircraft (similar to Legacy 600) - from 5800 to 6800 euros per flight hour;
  • Business liners - from 12,000 euros per flight hour;
  • Light aircraft - from 2500 to 3500 euros per flight hour;
  • Long-haul aircraft (similar to Global 5000, Gulfstream G550, Falcon 7X, etc.) - from 6800 to 10200 euros per flight hour;
  • Medium-sized aircraft (identical to Cessna Citation XLS+, Hawker 800XP, etc.) - from 3600 to 4400 euros per flight hour;
  • Turboprops - from 1000 euros per flight hour.
  • Large medium-class aircraft (similar to Challenger 300, etc.) - from 5400 to 6500 euros per flight hour;
  • Small plane, from 2000 to 3000 euros per flight hour;


There are several ways to calculate the cost of a flight on the route you need for free:

  1. Using the online calculator on the website – the calculation is approximate and shows only the order of the price;
  2. Via messenger – by writing to us on WhatsApp or Telegram;
  3. By calling us by landline or a mobile phone;
  4. Via email jets@business-aviation.aero

If you want the airline consultants to respond to you as quickly as possible, please provide us with as much information as possible on the flight route, the number of passengers, business jet preferences, as well as other requests. This will help you choose the most suitable options for you, at the best price.


calculating the cost of a business jet flight


Online Calculator

If you want to make an urgent calculation of the cost of a private plane flight, use our online calculator. Just fill in all the fields of the form with a note that you are interested in a specific model of the aircraft and get the final price. NB! – the figures are sent to you by email or messenger, please carefully fill in the contact details to get the calculation.

All our calculations are as transparent as possible for you. After receiving the request, we will prepare a beautiful offer - where the costs and the final price will be clearly described. The exact price is agreed in advance and is written in the contract, so you can be sure of the final cost.




Jet Sharing


Scheduled international flights

Moscow ➞ Bordeaux

8 pas.

Hawker 850XP

21 000 EUR

Moscow ➞  Nice

9 pas.

Challenger 350

15 000 EUR

Moscow ➞  Paris

14 pas.

Falcon 900LX

29 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞  Moscow

5 pas.

  Premier 1

8 000 EUR

Moscow ➞  Larnaca

7 pas.

Learjet 60XR

10 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Barcelona

12 pas.

Challenger 650

27 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ New York

16 pas.

Global 6000

80 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Berlin

7 pas.

Citation CJ4

10 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Salzburg

12 pas.

Challenger 605

17 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ London

13 pas.

Legacy 650E

27 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Milan

9 pas.

Challenger 350

20 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Chambery

12 pas.

Challenger 605

24 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Киев Kiev

6 pas.

Citation Bravo

8 500 EUR

Moscow ➞ Yerevan

8 pas.

Pilatus PC-12/47E (NG)

12 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Brussels

8 pas.

Hawker 850XP

20 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Minsk

9 pas.

Citation X

6 500 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Zagreb

10 pas.

Citation CJ2+

10 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Beijing

14 pas.

Global 6000

62 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Baku

6 pas.

Premier IA

9 500 EUR

Moscow ➞ Toronto

14 pas.

Falcon 900LX

73 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Dominican Republic


Gulfstream G700

82 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Athens

9 pas.

Challenger 300

11 500 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Tbilisi

9 pas.

Cessna Citation XLS+

9 000 EUR

Zurich ➞ St. Petersburg

8 pas.

Citation XLS+

16 000 EUR

 Moscow ➞ Nur-Sultan

12 pas.

Challenger 605

25 000 EUR

Prague ➞ Moscow

6 pas.

Citation CJ1+

15 000 EUR

Moscow ➞  Copenhagen

12 pas.

Challenger 604

18 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Amsterdam

9 pas.

Challenger 350

24 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Monaco

12 pas.

Challenger 605

22 000 EUR

Dubai ➞ Moscow

13 pas.

Legacy 650E

19 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Phuket

15 pas.

Challenger 850

67 000 EUR

Moscow ➞ Tashkent

12 pas.

Challenger 650

23 000 EUR



How to rent a business jet with a crew

5 main stages:

  • Sending an application

  • Clarification of details and search for options

  • Preparation and coordination of optimal options

  • Registration of documents. Payment of the invoice.

  • Departure on the route.


We will briefly discuss the main stages once again:

  • Request for a flight – on the selected route, indicating the wishes for the business jet model and other points.
  • Coordination of flight details – the consultant will contact you, offer possible options and answer all your questions.
  • Commercial offer – we will send you a final offer for a specific model, in which we will take into account all your wishes.
  • Execution of the contract – signing of all documents.
  • Pay for the flight and book a business jet.
  • Departure – at the agreed time and date. Support during the entire flight.

We guarantee the absence of sudden additional expenses - all services are provided at a price fixed in the contract. After payment, we will immediately assign you a plane for the agreed dates.




Types of flights

Business aviation is developing in several directions, expanding its spheres of influence every year. Today, the industry offers the following services:

  • Business flights: solve several tasks from the prompt delivery of a client or group of persons to the place to the possibility of holding negotiations on board. In the latter case, the salon should have a dedicated conference room and all the necessary equipment for communication.
  • Family holidays: we select the most comfortable board, which can comfortably accommodate adults, children, and elderly passengers. As a rule, such flights are organized without landing.
  • Medical: airliners for the transportation of seriously ill patients are equipped with everything necessary on the basis of the orders of the attending physician. Transportation is carried out to the airport, as close as possible to the selected medical institution.
  • Corporate: the plane is selected taking into account the flight of the entire group (if necessary, there are options provided with accommodation for 50 people and more).
  • Sports charters: the transportation of athletes and/or fans is carried out on airliners that can take additional equipment.


rent a plane with a crew


Additional business aviation services

In the Business Aviation company, you are able not only to rent a plane but also get an accompanying service that increases the comfort of travel:

  • Exclusive catering on all sections of the route (both onboard and during transfers).
  • Booking of hotels, villas, apartments.
  • VIP lounge service.
  • Additional transport (helicopters, yachts, cars).
  • Treatment of the board with de-icing reagents (from 800 €).
  • Internet on board (from 6€).
  • Catering (from 150 € per flight).
  • Fees at the airport (depending on the conditions of the air harbor 2000-11000 €).
  • Additional time with the crew (from 5500 € per hour).


private jet flights for business aviation


Airports of business aviation in Russia

One of the important directions of our company is the implementation of local flights, on private planes. Thanks to cooperation with regional airports and small aircraft airfields, it is possible to organize flights throughout the country. In larger cities, there is the possibility of international flights, taking into account the characteristics of a particular airport and take-off and landing characteristics. However, 87% of all business flights are carried out from the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our consultants will guide you on the availability of business jets in a particular city and help you choose the best option.


Current list of TOP 25 business aviation airports:

Airport City ICAO (ИКАО) IATA (ИАТА) Internal code
Vnukovo Moscow UUWW VKO ВНК
 Sheremetyevo Moscow UUEE SVO ШРМ
Domodedovo Moscow UUDD DME ДМД
Zhukovsky Moscow UUBW ZIA РНУ
Pulkovo St. Petersburg ULLI LED ПЛК
Koltsovo Yekaterinburg USSS SVX КЛЦ
Sochi Adler URSS AER СОЧ
Pashkovsky Krasnodar URKK KRR КПА
Kazan Kazan UWKD KZN ИВВ
Kaliningrad Kaliningrad UMKK KGD КЛД
Volgograd Volgograd URWW VOG ВГГ
 Platov Rostov-on-Don URRR ROV РОВ
Ostafyevo Moscow UUMO OSF ОСФ
 Kurumoch Samara UWWW KUF СКЧ
 Barnaul Barnaul UNBB BAX БАН
 Surgut Surgut USRR SGC СУР
Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk USCC CEK ЧЛБ
Simferopol Simferopol URFF SIP СИП
Yakutsk Yakutsk UEEE YKS ЯКТ
Emelyanovo Krasnoyarsk UNKL KJA КЯА
Roshchino Tyumen USTR TJM РЩН
Talagi Arkhangelsk ULAA ARH АХГ
Astrakhan Astrakhan URWA ASF АСР
Vityazevo Anapa URKA AAQ АНА



Company Features

Business Aviation has been providing aviation services for quite a long time, which allows our team to be considered true professionals in their field.

These are the figures we are proud of:

  • We have been actively developing in the field of business aviation for more than 12 years.
  • Our team consists of 34 specialists who know everything about air transportation.
  • The Business Aviation catalog contains more than 6 thousand models of private planes and helicopters, available for order at any time.
  • It only takes us 2-4 hours to arrange an urgent flight.
  • The company has 187 loyal customers worldwide.

If you still have any questions about Business Aviation, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information. You can always call us by phone or leave a request on the website. The flight consultant will contact you promptly, send you an official presentation of the company, or answer all your questions by phone.


business jet flight payment terms


Our team

We hire only real professionals who know business aviation inside out. Therefore, Business Aviation employs 42 professionals in their field, engaged in the organization of flights on charters and private helicopters.

We guarantee each client a personal flight manager who undertakes to:

  • be in touch 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the customer;
  • answer all the questions that arise from the passenger, which will be related not only to the choice of the type of private plane, optimization of the route and selection of personnel for the charter flight but also to catering issues, meeting guests in the cabin of the business jet, organizing security at the airport and the plane, as well as other tasks;
  • show the highest level of service.

Our employees work worldwide, so they know many languages that can be useful for you when organizing or flying on a business jet: English, Russian, French, German, and others. We can provide you with the necessary documentation in English. In addition, you can contact our direct management directly, which will help you solve difficult problems. After all, the most important thing for us is to create comfortable, convenient, and safe conditions for your flight, to give you the opportunity to feel safe.


business class helicopter rental


Direct communication with the company's management:

As a confirmation of our high level of service, you can always see our official certificates and awards presented in the presentation.


Company offices

We look forward to seeing you in our offices in Moscow, Monaco and Munich. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work schedules are subject to change, please check with the operators for exact information. We strictly follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and carry out all preventive measures in full. In all offices, wet cleaning with special solutions is carried out 3 times a day, sanitizers are available, social distance is observed and air sanitizers work properly.


business aviation map


Business Aviation in Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 128-57-18

Address: bld. 13, Domodedovo Airport, Moscow region, 142015

Email address: moscow@business-aviation.aero

Opening hours: daily from 8: 00 to 23: 00.

We are available 24/7.

office Business Aaviation Moscow


Directions to the office:




Business Aviation in Saint Petersburg

Phone: +7 (812) 507-61-88

Address: bld. 5A, 37 Pulkovskoe shosse, VIP terminal Pulkovo 3, Saint Petersburg, 196140

Email address: spb@business-aviation.aero

Opening hours: daily from 8: 00 to 23: 00.

We are available 24/7.

office Business Aaviation in St. Petersburg


Directions to the office:




Business Aaviation in Monaco


Address: Héliport de Monaco, Avenue des Ligures, 98000 Monaco

Email address: monaco@business-aviation.aero

Opening hours: daily from 8: 30 to 23: 00.

We are available 24/7.


office Business Aaviation in Monaco


Directions to the office:




Business Aaviation in Munich


Address: Germany, Munich, 85356 Oberding

Email address: munich@business-aviation.aero

Opening hours: daily from 9: 00 to 23: 00.

We are available 24/7.


office Business Aaviation in Munich


Directions to the office:



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